Utilize leverage to get a better workout. For beginners and professional athletes alike.


    Complete your workout in half the time by training both legs simultaneously.

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Keith Weber BSc. PT

Creator of Extreme Kettlebell

Guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, Episode #559


    "At Real Salt Lake, anterior tibialis training is a staple of our injury reduction and performance programs. We have used other Tib Bars in the past but have found Anvil’s version of this training tool to be by far the best product on the market. The vertical loading capability of their Tib Bar allows for much easier and faster set up in a team environment, and the longer lever arm means more constant tension throughout the full range of motion of the exercise. Additionally, the high quality of the steel and welding really sets this Tib Bar apart from the rest of the market. Essentially, you get what you pay for with this product."

    - Ryan Cotter

  • Long term review

    "I don't normally leave reviews for products but for this I felt I had to. I've been using this tib bar for the last four months, so I feel like I can leave an accurate review. Firstly the build, this thing is stout! It feels like it could take a couple hundred Lbs no problem. The vertical sleeve and the base plate make loading and unloading a breeze and I can't get over how much less weight you need. But the biggest positive in my opinion is the design, it makes everything harder and more effective. I've used several traditional tib bars before this and I was a little uncertain about the higher price initially but now I feel it's well worth it. Hope this helps anyone considering this.

    - Daniel M.

  • Amazing

    "All the tib bars I’ve owned had the same issues where they were hard to set up if you’re by yourself and the weights would slide off if you go over 35 lbs. the Anvil tib bar is brilliantly designed to resolve both these problems. I absolutely love this thing and am proud to carry it around the gym with me."

    - Dennis C.

  • Great product, AMAZING quality

    "I’ve been using the tib bar for a couple weeks now and I have been very impressed with this product. Love the ergonomic design that allows me to use less weight, and the overall quality of the product is extremely impressive. Delivery time was quick and came packaged very nicely. First and last tib bar I’ll ever need!"

    - Tyler K.

  • Hardest hitting tib raise

    "Small business that appreciates their customers plus their tib raise is the hardest hitting best product on the market."

    - Spencer M.

What makes it better?

The Anvil Tib Bar doesn't just look different, it outperforms conventional designs and gives your tibs a more complete workout.


    The faster you get your equipment, the sooner you benefit from using it.


    Manufactured with pride. We aim to provide the best equipment possible.

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