Benefits of Training Your Tibialis Anterior Muscle

YOUR TIBIALIS IS YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST BOTH CHRONIC AND ACUTE LOWER BODY INJURIES                                                                                                     Ben Patrick (kneesovertoesguy), from Knee Ability Zero

Every time you take a step you engage your tibialis muscle. It allows you to flex your ankle and lift your foot off the ground. Because the tibialis attaches to the top of the foot, it also helps maintain and raise the natural arch of your foot. The tibialis anterior is an important "anti-pronator" muscle since it is responsible for lifting both the inner edge and the tip of the foot. 

Strong tibialis muscles stabilize the ankle and knee joints, thereby protecting your feet, ankles, shins and knees. Training the tib ant prevents, and even eliminates, shin splints. Strengthening this underdeveloped, often weak muscle group can help you avoid many knee and ankle injuries. 

Your tibialis basically acts as a shock absorber, it reinforces your ability to land safely by allowing proper force transfer. If it's weak, any force it cannot handle travels directly up to your knee. Powerful tibs are your first line of defense whether you're walking, running, sprinting, decelerating, stopping, jumping or landing.  Consistent, properly performed Tib Bar exercises result in better ankle stability, balance, agility, coordination and footwork. 

Strengthening the tibialis is especially important for athletes looking to improve athletic performance and correct imbalances in the lower leg. Many find that training this often neglected muscle group gives them a competitive edge and helps them tap into their athletic potential by unlocking superior lower body support, protection and power. 

Whether you walk, run, snowboard, hike, mountaineer, do yoga, or participate in sports like: basketball, tennis, soccer, lifting, volleyball, rugby, football, badminton, track, baseball or... Truth is, no matter what you enjoy doing, EVERY BODY benefits from stronger, more reliable tibs.